Table of Contents



  • cleanup CJK port (since 4.5)
  • htpasswd
  • gs cleanup
  • bsd.fonts.ttf
  • pkg-message
  • pkg_tools
  • plist tools


  • mount_ntfs (utf16 → utf8?)
  • ncurses 5.6 devel patch (for 7-stable and 6-stable)


  • muse's backup
  • backup switch to ZFS
  • ntucsp add ram, ZFS
  • wslab page
    • conver hardware into xml
    • a better status.html
    • ticket system
  • host info / load / …
  • docuemntation
    • system arch.
  • www
    • a service temporary unavailable message for /~xxx when NFS is down
      • omment out userdir and related configuration directives and rewrite all /~user url
      • build a jail(8) to serve all /~user pages. host just proxy request there
    • modify counter's source to allow data file in ~user
  • snoopy
    • use GraPHPite to create some nice statistics
      • partially done
  • other stuffs
    • logmonitor should use a generic filter (I… think there should be a ready open source software…)
    • switch to Ganglia, discard all mrtg except traffic/packet rate, I think we needs a bit hack to show average # from each figures or so
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